Saints at Bills
Human v CPU
Weather Conditions:
47o & Fair

Saints 7 0 0 00 7
Bills 0 7 7 30 17





-- First Downs --
-- Rushing Yds --
-- Passing Yds --

-- Interceptions --
-- Fumbles --
-- Turnovers --

-- Total Yards --

Time of Possession





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#2 Bills z-Bills 14-2-0 0.875 6-0
#6 Patriots x-Patriots 11-5-0 0.688 3-3
#13 Jets Jets 6-10-0 0.375 2-4
#28 Dolphins Dolphins 5-11-0 0.313 1-5
If you get an error here, hopefully it is only because you have not uploaded all the teams yet
1 Sep 12 vs Titans Titans #20
Won 36-19
2 Sep 19 at Panthers Panthers #25
Won 45-3
3 Sep 26 vs Patriots Patriots #6
Won 37-34
4 --- BYE ---
5 Oct 10 at Jets Jets #13
Won 28-6
6 Oct 17 vs Ravens Ravens #30
Lost 17-18
7 Oct 24 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #32
Won 34-0
8 Oct 31 at Broncos Broncos #16
Lost 10-17
9 Nov 7 at Browns Browns #12
Won 31-24
10 Nov 15 vs Dolphins Dolphins #28
Won 41-21
11 Nov 22 at Bengals Bengals #4
Won 27-10
12 Nov 28 at Patriots Patriots #6
Won 47-32
13 Dec 5 vs Jets Jets #13
Won 29-28
14 Dec 12 vs Steelers Steelers #3
Won 27-24
15 Dec 19 vs Saints Saints #5
Won 38-31
16 Dec 25 at Falcons Falcons #31
Won 41-14
17 Jan 2 at Dolphins Dolphins #28
Won 31-25

Broncos Broncos #16 29 Chiefs Chiefs #22 32 ---
Chargers Chargers #7 34 Giants Giants #24 31 ---
49ers 49ers #1 38 Jaguars Jaguars #27 19 ---
Bears Bears #21 26 Vikings Vikings #29 24 ---
Bills Bills #2 31 Dolphins Dolphins #28 25 Log
Buccaneers Buccaneers #32 23 Cardinals Cardinals #23 18 ---
Colts Colts #15 21 Titans Titans #20 17 ---
Cowboys Cowboys #9 25 Rams Rams #10 17 ---
Jets Jets #13 24 Patriots Patriots #6 14 ---
Lions Lions #17 17 Browns Browns #12 24 ---
Panthers Panthers #25   Eagles Eagles #18   1:00pm
Ravens Ravens #30 17 Bengals Bengals #4 34 ---
Redskins Redskins #19 20 Raiders Raiders #11 30 ---
Saints Saints #5 31 Falcons Falcons #31 24 ---
Seahawks Seahawks #26 13 Texans Texans #8 17 ---
Packers Packers #14 3 Steelers Steelers #3 17 ---

NFL North
Bengals Bengals
Browns Browns
Ravens Ravens
Steelers Steelers
NFL East
Bills Bills
Dolphins Dolphins
Jets Jets
Patriots Patriots
NFL South
Colts Colts
Jaguars Jaguars
Texans Texans
Titans Titans
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Broncos Broncos
Chargers Chargers
Chiefs Chiefs
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NFL North
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Vikings Vikings
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NFL South
Buccaneers Buccaneers
Falcons Falcons
Panthers Panthers
Saints Saints
NFL West
49ers 49ers
Cardinals Cardinals
Rams Rams
Seahawks Seahawks


NFC Conference Championship game 2013

New Orleans Saints @ San Franscisco 49ers

A very open game with 49ers had only lost one game and already beaten Saints this season. Saints had problem with a handfull of injuries, but is now in their 5. NFC championchip game in seven season and have not lost one these championship games so far. Saints injury status: LG Andy Alleman, LT Jammal Brown and DT Brian Young is out for rest of the season, LOLB Matt Mccoy and RT Eric Wheaton was both questionable.

49ers injury status: RT Joe Staley is out with a broken ankle

1. and 2. quarter

3. and 4. quarter

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AFC Conference Championship game 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

This was also a open game with Bills as the top seeded, but without their star QB Nate Watters and Steelers is going this game without any injuries

1., 2. and 3. quarter

The final part of the game

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Playoff 2013, Division round

Detriot Lions @ San Francisco 49ers 10 - 34

Lions came into the division round with a good victory in the wild card game against St. Louis Rams, but had only a 50% record in the regular season. 49ers, which was first seeded scored 21 unanswered in the first two quarters and Lions never recovered, 49ers closed the game with 10 point in the last quarter. Man of the Match: 49ers QB Lester Jennings 36/45 attempts, 393 passing yards with 4 TDs and 1 INT.

San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers 12 - 17

Chargers came into this game with confidence after the wild card win over Bengals. Steelers started best with a TD in the 1. quarter, but Chargers answered back with 7 point, Pittsburgh closed the 2. quarter with a FG and the hometeam was only ahead with 3 point. Chargers started with the ball after the break, but big players making big plays in big games, SS and man of the match Troy Polamalu stepped in after 20 second, and returned the ball 55 yards for TD after a fumble recovery. It was a giant boost for Pittsburgh defense and they only allowed Chargers offense to score a FG, and that was enough to win the game.

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints 9 - 23

Cowboys scored the first 3 point, Saints answered back with 17 points before Cowboys closed the 2. quarter with another FG, Saints was in control in the rest of the game although QB Drew Brees didn't have one of his best days with 35/51 attempts 328 passing yards with 1 TD and 3 INTs!!, but Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo was out with a injury most of the game, so cowboys offense only produce 158 yards and it was by far from enough to win the game

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

Bills injury status: Special team player Devin Hester have a stained shoulder and is out for this game, QB Nate Watters have a broken Jaw and is out for the rest of the season
Patiots injury status: HB Maurice Jones-Drew have a foot fracture and will also be out for the rest of the season.

Bills came into the playoff with with the best offense, which have made a new record of total yards in the regular season 6.241 yards (old record; Colts 6.100 yards in 2007 season) and 8 players selected for the pro bowl, HB Marshawn Lynch, WR Lee Evans, LG Bryan Edwards, DE Pat Holcombe, DE Chris Smith, DT Neil Walker, CB Ashton Youboty and the veteran CB Terrence McGee, it will probably be McGee last season in a Bills uniform.

Bills have meet Patriots twice already this season and won both games, but these games was won with Nate Watters as QB, and now it was QB Roman Mitchell behind the center, so both the local and national media believed that Patriots will win this division playoff game.

One of the big question going into this game, what effect will the weather condition have on both team? Bills have not the best memories from big games with show on the field. In the season 2007, week 17 Bills defense could not stand firm against Eagles in the bad weather and lost a wild card spot. In the season 2008, Bills was top seeded going into playoffs, and was up against Ravens in the division round, but Bills rookie QB Nate Watters was intercepted 5 times and Bills lost the game.


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Awards 2013

MVP: MLB Patrick Willis for the 2. time

Players of the year

Offense: HB Marshawn Lynch
Defense: MLB Patrick Willis

Rookie of the year

Offense: QB Spencer Bowens
Defense: LOLB Daryl Westbook

Playoff 2013

In AFC: 2-time AFC champion 2009, 2011 and Super Bowl champion 2009 Buffalo Bills with a record of 14-2 was seeded #1. For the first time since season 2007 Pittsburgh Steelers was seeded #2 with a record of 12-4.
In NFC: San Franscisco 49ers with the best record this season of 15-1 was seeded #1, 4-time NFC champion 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and Super Bowl chamption in 2010 and 2011 New Orleans Saints with a record of 12-4 was seeded #2.
These four teams have all bye week in the wild card round.

Wild card round

Carolina Panthers (8-8) @ Dallas Cowboys (11-5) 28 - 36
New England Patriots (11-5) @ Houston Texans (10-6) 23 - 13
St. Louis Rams (8-8) @ Detroit Lions (8-8) 22 - 42

The game of the week: Cincinnati Bengals (11-5) @ San Diego Chargers (11-5)


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The division rivalry against Miami Dolphins was a game with a lot of frustrations, but there was a happy ending

It was the last game before the playoff, where Buffalo Bills had secured a bye week and was already top seeded in AFC, But it was a very important game for Bills new QB Roman Mitchell to get some last minuttes experience and it would prove to be very instructive.

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Buffalo Bills new starting QB Roman Mitchell had a good debut, when Marshawn Lynch was in BEAST MODE

There was a heavy activity on Bills training field during the week, When the coach staff tried to get their starting QB Roman Mitchell ready for rest of the season.

Bills offense started very focused and QB Roman Mitchell got quickly in a good rhythm, Falcons answered back, but it was short lived, Bills defense contained Falcons rookie Spencer Bowens and Bills offensive line began to push Falcons defensive line around. Falcons defensive had also very few answers in 3. down situations.

The game was already decided in the 1. half and Bills cruised to easy victory 41 - 14, QB Roman Mitchell had good day was 16/29 passes for 181 yards, 3 TD and only 1 INT, but he out on the sideline two times after he was hit hard and was very inaccurate with his deep throws. HB Marshawn Lynch was in beast mode all day long and got the game ball with 21 runs for 195 yards and 1 TDs.


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Bills got their revenge, but was the price to high!!

Bills meet for the first time Saints since the their SUPER BOWL game in 2011, where Saints won the championship for the second time in succession.

Saints Defense started best and made Bills QB Nate Watters fumble the ball, shortly after Saints scored the game first TD, but after that score Bills offense got in high gear and QB Nate Watters throw 3 TD passes, Saints answered in the last 2 minuttes of the 2. quarter with a nohuddle attack and a TD, Bills came right back with a FG in the last second of the half, 24-17 Bills.

In 3. quarter Bills got in front with 2 TDs, Saints tried to come back into the game, but Bills answered right back. With more than 8 minuttes left of the game Bills is again in Saints redzone, but in a 3. down situation QB Nate Watters get hit hard and he fumble the ball and Saints recover, but the worst thing have happend!! Bills star QB is out for the rest of the season with a broken jaw.

Bills defense steps up on the following drive and Saints had to punt the ball, in came backup QB Roman Mitchell and with help from a solid offensive line and Marshawn Lynch and a good receiver corps, Bills offense goes all the way, where Marshawn Lynch score the crucial TD, Saints score also again, but is to late and Bills get their revenge, but what will it mean for Bills in the playoff?


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Week 13: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

Two top teams was ready in New York, both leading their AFC division and both teams have a 5 games winning streak.

Was Bills ready for the challenge?

How will Bills QB Nate Watters react to Steelers defense?

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week 13: New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

In the first 3 months of the season Bills offense have been playing outstanding, with passing offense avg. 283,54 yards per game, where WR Lee Evans have catched the ball for 1508 yards, Nate Watters have got a QB rating of 104,1 in 11 games behind a soling offensive line.

But some question remains to be answered; can Nate Watters stay healthy during the regular season and in the playoff? In the first 5 season of his career (2008 - 2012) Bills have been played in 3 AFC conference games (2009, 2010 and 2011) and in 2 SUPER BOWLs (won XLIII and lost XLV) and in 4 of these 5 games Watters has been out with a injury.

How will Bills offense and defense react if they get pressured?

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week 12: Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Bills had traveled to Massachusetts to face their biggest rivals and the defending Division champion. Bills had won at home against Patriots 37-34 and another win for Bills would give them a commanding lead in AFC East.

MLB Paul Posluszny was still not 100% fit but he could play, Bills coach staff decided to let him start, because it will be a boost for his teammates.

Both starting QBs Brady and Watters have had a great season so far with QB rating over 100 and it seems that both QBs would reach over 4.000 passing yards.

Was Bills the real deal and could they beat on Patroits homefield, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

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week 11: Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals

Bills have reach the next stage in the season and have to play five top 10 teams in the comming weeks.

This game was again scheduled to monday night and called the game of the week, Bills had to start rookie Rock Smith again as their MLB, because MLB Paul Posluszny was still not fit to play

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week 10: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Bills was going into this monday night game without MLB Paul Posluszny and FB Pete Fannin both was with out with injury

the biggest concern was missing their best defensive player and the only MLB backup was the rookie and 7. round pick Rock Smith

How will Bills defensive react to this situation or will their offensive leading by Nate Watters take up the challenge?

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Profil: DE Chris Smith

After Bills lost in the playoff of the 2012 season, the management had allready decided that it was the 3-times Pro Bowler DE Aaron Schobel last game for this franchise. Schobel has been a very important piece in winning the Super Bowl in the 2009 season and avg. 46 tackles and 10 sacks per season from 2007 - 2012, so Bills scouts was looking for new player in the DRAFT to close a big gap in their defense.

Bills had target 4 Defensive Ends in the DRAFT, but when it was Bills turn there was only one players left Chris Smith age: 21, height 6'5 and weigth 290, in combine the young man from Nebraska showed great potential 40 TIME: 4.71 sec, SHUTTLE: 3.95, CONE: 7.29 sec, Bench Press 32 and Vertical 32, so Bills drafted the young man in 1. round with pick 25.

Chris Smith was ready from week 1 and showed great acceleration, speed and power, he got 7 tackles and 2 sacks against Titans, in week 2 against a weak Panthers he had 3 tackles and again 2 sacks, in week 3 the young man meet with Bills biggest rival New England Patriots, he was a important piece in Bills defense with 4 tackles and also had a big sack on Tom Brady.

Week 5: Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

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week 3: New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

CB Ty Hubbard got injured in the games against Carolina Panthers, he expect to back after the bye week in week 4. Bills decided to sign CB Irving Wicks again for a 1 year deal.

Both teams was storming into week 3, Bills was leading the Power ranking and Patriots was leading the Power ranking. it was still very early in the season and last season Bills won their first 4 games, but Patriots ran away with the division title, so if Bills want to be number 1 in the AFC East they need to beat Patriots.

The big issue for Bills was not Patriots gameplan, but can QB Nate Watters stay healthy the entire season?

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week 2: Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers

Bills coaching staff was a little concerned going into week 2, after Bills receivers had drop 7 balls in week 1, so their was made some changing to Bills offense lineup, Rookie WR Bryan Powell was selected as 2. WR and WR Anthony Jones was only used as 4. WR and on some plays as 1. WR, when WR Lee Evans is used as slot receiver in some situations. WR Eric Warner will in most situation be used as slot receiver and Josh Sharpe will get another chance as 1. TE

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Offseason report

Buffalo Bills went into the offseason with a total salary of 81,68 mio. $ and salary cap of 108 mio. $, there seems to be plenty of cap room, but there was also 18 players there needed a new contract. Bills management had allready decided that they didn't want to pay DE Aaron Schobel 10,69 mio. $, so he got cut, which will result in cap penalty of 3 mio. $ next offseason and Bills total salary will now be down to 70,99 mio. $

Restricted free agent

Bills have to negotiate with 3 players,

Resigning period

Bills negotiated with 17 players

  • WR Devin Hester got a new contract, 3 years worth 8,68 mio. $, he will be only used on special team and as a secret weapon on offense
  • CB Ashton Youboty got a new contract, 3 years worth 10,23 mio. $, starter as 2. or 3. CB
  • FS Ko Simpson got a new contract, 3 years worth 7,16 mio $, Starter.
  • DT Kyle Williams got a new contract, 3 years worth 17,17 mio $, Pro Bowler and starter
  • RG Brad Butler got a new contract, 3 years worth 15,98 mio $, Starter
  • LB Keith Ellison got a new contract, 3 years worth 8,71 mio. $, Starter.
  • SS Eric Weddle got a new contract, 3 years worth 5,58 mio. $, Starter
  • WR Eric Warner he got a new contract, 3 years worth 8,45 mio. $, Starter as 3. or 4. WR.
  • QB Nate Watters he got a new contract, 7 years worth 46,59 mio. $, Drafted in 2008 round 1.
  • P Leroy McClendon he got a new contract, 3 year worth 2,74 mio. $, Drafted in 2008 round 6.
  • K Al Spence he got a new contract, 3 year worth 3,23 mio. $, Drafted in 2009 round 6.
  • DE Aaron Schobel he was cut, Bills will use their 1. round pick to find some "new blod".
  • MLB Keyshawn Mayes he was cut, backup player.
  • DE Deuce Irving he was cut, backup player.
  • LT Damien Webb he was cut, backup player.
  • CB Irving Wicks he was cut, backup player.
  • CB Randall Denham he was cut, backup player.

In the first FA stage Bills try to signe a veteran WR, but both target players want to play for another team. Going into the DRAFT 2013, Bills had total salary cost of 97,93 mio $, it gave a cap room of 10,07 mio $ and still need to signe 6 players.

DRAFT 2013, Bills picks

  1. round: RE Chris Smith starter, contract: 5 years worth 12,75 mio. $.
  2. round: WR Bryan Powell starter, contract: 4 years worth 5,04 mio $.
  3. round: LT J.R. Tucker project, contract: 3 years worth 3,39 mio $.
  4. round: C Leon Collier He didn't get a contract
  5. round: C Corey Brown project, contract: 3 years worth 1,96 mio $.
  6. round: LT John Carter He didn't get a contract
  7. round: MLB Rock Smith contract: 3 years worth 1,94 mio $.

After the drafted player was signed, Bills had total salary cost of 102,71 mio. $, it gave a cap room of 5,29 mio $ and Bills still need to signe 2 players.

Bills signing in the free agent stage

Bills total salary cost ended at 105,05 mio $.

Bills is now ready for the new season, let the fun begin, want to read about week 1? click here.... [box score]